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San Francisco Fence Builders is a fence building company located in San Francisco, California. Here in California we have a massive tourism industry, which often leaves much of our daily lives out and open. Our fences will help ensure you privacy and security in the comfort of your home, your business, or simply your commercial lot.

Fence Styles San Francisco

Here at San Francisco Fence Builders, we offer a variety of fence styles and fence materials to meet your fence needs. Our fence materials include aluminum, wood, chain link, iron, PVC, and wood. We offer this variety of fence styles in order to make sure our customers are getting what they are looking for. The materials are also of the highest quality, to ensure you get a high quality fence that not only looks amazing, but keeps you secure and enhances your privacy.

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Wood fences are quite common, but they are also very versatile. These fences are a great accent to any home, and they certainly increase your privacy and security! Due to the way the fence is built, there is no need to worry about someone climbing over your wood fence. Our wooden fences can come in a variety of colors (of your choice) or even stained to a different wood color to help preserve the classic look that a wood fence will give your home. Our wood fences last approximately 15 years, and possibly longer with proper upkeep.

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Iron fences are a little bit more expensive, but offer a great deal of security for your home. The iron is made to last much longer than the other fence materials we offer, but still offers privacy and security. The way the iron fences are built is so that no one can climb over or through your fence.

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PVC Fence

The PVC fence is becoming increasingly more popular, as it offers the same value of privacy and security of a wood fence, but lasts longer. Specifically, the PVC has a life span of about 25 years, allowing you to be worry free for quite some time! This fence still offers enhanced privacy and security, but also keeps your home looking as beautiful as ever.

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Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences don’t offer the same privacy as a PVC or wood fence, but they are perfect for those who simply want to enclose their yard. Chain link fences help keep pets and children within the comfort and safety of your yard, while keeping others out as well. This fence material is also the most cost friendly.

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Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are a wonderful option to help keep your pool protected. However, they can be used as a general fence for your home or business as well. Our aluminum fences are made with the highest quality of aluminum to ensure your fence lasts. The material itself has an elegant yet casual look, and you can even add decorations to the aluminum fence if you wish.

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At San Francisco Fence Builders we are dedicated to ensuring your privacy and security. Our team is staffed with professionals who are experts at fence installation and repair. We are committed to working with our customers to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for.